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How to go to Chichen Itza?

Since Chichen Itza Mexico does not have its own airport, travelers coming by plane or cruise ship will likely need to book Chichen Itza tours that leave from nearby Cancun or Cozumel.

Major international airlines as well as charter airlines have direct or connecting flights to Cancun every day. Now more than ever Cancun Airport International is easy accessible from almost every major city in the world. There is also couple of more airports which is close to Chichen Itza.

Chichen Itza is divided into three sections. The southern part is known as The Old Chichen, The north part of structures is distinctly Toltec in style and the central part appears to be from the early period. All these three parts can be seen comfortably in one day.

Sun can be punishing at midday so try to visit Chichen Itza early in the morning or late in the afternoon. It is open at 9 am. Don’t forget to bring a hat and water. If you did not bring a hat, it is a good idea to buy one from one of the vendors outside before you go in. At the entrance of Chichen Itza there is museum, restrooms, gift shops, dining room and vendor stands.

You can travel to Chichen Itza by travel agency daily tours (it cost about 450 pesos per person), rental car or public bus lines that leave approximately every hour. If you rent a car and drive yourself parking fee is 10 pesos.

If you wish to take public Transportation:
By bus from Merida: 1-2 hours, Cancun: 2-3 Hours, Playa Del Carmen: 3-4 Hours.
From Merida price one way per person for Chichen Itza: 58 Pesos.

Frequency: Every Hour
• 1st Class:
Location: Calle 70 / 555 – 71 Downtown, Merida
Phone: 999 924 83 91 – 999 923 44 40 – 999 923 44 43
Destinations: Cancun, Campeche, Ciudad Del Carmen, Veracruz, Minatitlan, E. Zapata, Palenque, Puebla, Mexico City, Valladolid, Ocosingo, Tuxtla Gutierrez, Playa Del Carmen, Chichen Itza, San Cristobal de las Cansas, Tulum, Cordoba.

• 2nd Class:
Location: Calle 69 / 544 – 68 y 70 Downtown, Merida
Phone: 999 923 22 87 – 999 923 44 40
Destinations: Chiquila, Calkini, Campeche, Ciudad del Carmen, Champoton, Escarcega, Villahermosa, Uman, Halacno, Pomuch, Izamal, Valladolid, Tizimin, Coba, Tulum, Muna, Ticul, Oxkutzcab, Tekax, Peto, Carrillo, Puerto, Cancun, Becal, Playa de Catazaha, Hecelchakan, Chichen Itza, Playa del Carmen, Palanque, Ocosingo, San Cristobal, Tuxtla Gtz, Acayucan, Puebla, Maxico City.

If you are reaching Chichen Itza from Cancun, take care because there are so few buses which go there only in 2 or 3 different schedules. In Cancun you can go to Bus Station (ADO) close to downtown. There are several 1st class via ADO and 2nd class from Oriente.

Valladolid is also great base to explore the surrounding villages and Mayan Ruins. Chichen Itza is very close. Taking a bus from Valladolid to Chichen Itza is simple and quick. 2nd class Oriente buses leave from bus station at Valladolid starting at 07:15 am. There is bus every 30 minutes. It costs 20 pesos and takes 45 minutes. Returning buses leave less frequently, app. 1 per hour. If you are going back to Valladolid you should get on a bus that says Cancun in the window. It stops at Valladolid on the way.

It is about 2, 5 hour bus ride from Playa Del Carmen to Chichen Itza.

All the buses between these places are reliable, comfortable and most are air-conditioned.
There is a taxi stand near the west end of town; the price to the ruins is 25 pesos. There are usually cabs at Chichen Itza’s parking lot.

You can also rent a car to go to Chichen Itza in Cancun or in Playa Del Carmen. The road to Chichen Itza from the Cancun area is really good, flat and straight. Highway is very nice and clean. Just sometimes you can see road kill but not big. Beside this you will have a change to see along it local people picking up wood. They are minding their own business, aware of the fast moving cars and not getting in a way. That is by far one of the best and most adventurous ways to see all of Cancun. When you pass through Valladolid, you can go to visit the Dzitnup Cenote also that is beautiful place so you can organize and choose where you want to go. Rentals normally cost $80-$100 per day.
If you are staying at one of the major hotels, there is a trip arranged by the representatives. It is also a good idea to get help from travel companies which organize tours to Chichen Itza. It costs about 450 pesos per person.
Travel agencies offer private flights as an air taxi from Cancun, Isla Mujeres, Holbox, Playa del Carmen and Cozumel to the most important tourist points in the Yucatan peninsula especially to Chichen Itza but they don´t have regular flights. It is more expensive but takes less time.

You should know:
- Climbing to the top of the Pyramid is not allowed.
- Chichen Itza site is open to visit 365 days a year.
- Light and sound show is every night at 7pm during fall and winter, at 8pm during spring and summer.
- Site is open to visit between 9am and 5 pm.
- Entrance fee is 111 pesos per person and includes the light and sound show.
- Head phones for translations are available and costs 25 pesos.
- Safe boxes for bags and suitcases are available at the entrance.

If you like to stay in Chichen Itza:
Hacienda Chichen Hotel is a unique boutique green hotel in Yucatan. It is located just steps from the site of Chichen Itza.
Villa Chichen Itza is set in beautiful area of lush vegetation within easy walking distance of Chichen Itza.

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